faq (Bonfires)

Q: How long are the bonfires for?
A: 3 hours, typically 6:00-9:00 but can be arranged for different times. 

Q: How much is it to reserve a bonfire?
A: $75-$125 (Depending on location) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to secure your date.

Q: Can I get the bonfire for longer than 3 hours?
A: Yes! Only $75 each additional hour

Q: Where can I get a bonfire set up?
A: We have a variety of different locations to choose from. If you are staying at a private house location along the beach we will need the owners written consent.
We service a handful of condo’s as well. If you’re staying in a condo that does not allow beachside bonfires, we have locations you can come to and still enjoy a beachside bonfire!

Q: How much in advance do I need to reserve for a bonfire?
A: 10 day notice is ideal, but the minimum is 3 business days notice. 

Q: How do permits work?
A: We file all the paperwork needed & send payment for the fee's.

Q: How much wood do we get?
A: NONE! We use custom built propane fire pits! No ash, No mess and you don’t leave smelling like smoke!

Q: If it rains the day my bonfire is scheduled, do I get a refund?
A: The 75$ non-refundable deposit can not be refunded, we however; can move the deposit to another day. If you can not reschedule, unfortunately the deposit can not be refunded. 

Q: Does someone stay with us?
A: Yes, a fire attendee will be close by with the permit and available for any questions.

Q: Can we tip?
A: Of course! If they have earned it ;)

Q: Why do I need a deposit to reserve?
A: To hold your day and to cover the permit fee

Q: Can we get a second fire pit?
A: Yes, $150



(beach set up)

Q: What time will our tent/chairs/hammock be set up?
A: By 9:00am

Q: What time will it be picked up?
A: By 5:30pm

Q: Where can I get a tent set up?
A: Private Houses, Schooners & Spinnaker are our main locations.
We do not set up on beaches that already have contracted beach chairs.

Q: Do you bring ice with the coolers?
A: Yes! One Bag.

Q: If it rains do we get a refund?
A: In Florida we have 30 showers almost everyday somewhere along the beach. If we DO NOT set up at all for that day because it is calling for a 'rain day', yes we will refund you.
If we do set up and you experience a Florida shower, we do not refund.

Q: What do you consider a 'rain day'?
A: If it storms for more than 3 hours between 10:00am-4:00pm